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House of L podcast

The House of L podcast is an intimate look at media in all forms and how it works. Let Laurence Holmes take you behind the curtain with your favorite media personalities.

Dec 10, 2019

He's had a long road to get to the anchor desk at NBC 5. The amount of obstacles that Siafa has overcome is pretty amazing. You'll hear about his perseverance and understand why I say he's the best dressed man in Chicago television. 

Dec 3, 2019

Josina is one of premier news breakers in NFL reporting. Her phone stays hot, as you'll find out in the episode. She has a very interesting back story and thrives in an area where you don't see many women of color. What's that like? How do you cultivate sources? We discuss that and more...

Nov 26, 2019

He's simply one of the best broadcasters I've ever worked with. Rongey has a charm about him that is undeniable. We talked about why he left The Score and his infamous White Sox postgame show. And so much more...

Nov 19, 2019

The most dangerous journalist in sports media in Chicago, sat down with me to talk about his philosophy on covering teams, his scraps with other media members & beating Cancer, TWICE! Joe is simultaneously everything you think and nothing like you expect. That's a hard trick. 

Nov 12, 2019

How badly did Kenzie want a job in radio? So badly that she slept in her car to make her dreams come true. B-96's midday host has an incredible story to tell and I'm glad she was on the podcast. She's one of my favorite people in the building. Listen & you'll see why.