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House of L podcast

The House of L podcast is an intimate look at media in all forms and how it works. Let Laurence Holmes take you behind the curtain with your favorite media personalities.

Mar 26, 2019

With my new schedule and responsibilities, I wanted to let loyal fans of the podcast know what my plans are for future episode. So I lay out what I'm thinking and take your emails. 

Mar 19, 2019

He's been on my wish list since the podcast started. I talked with the Super Bowl XX champion about his love for Hawaii, the art of offensive line play, and what drives him as an analyst. 

Mar 12, 2019

Gabe & I go way back, but most people don't know that. He's one of the FM folks that I truly vibe with. I sat down with the B96 morning star and we talked about his love for Chicago, tension between the Black and Spanish Diaspora and how he got to the top of the B96 ladder. Oh and SOFTBALL...

Mar 5, 2019

Kathy is a Studs Terkel Award winner & one of the Managing Editors for the Sun-Times and we found out that we basically grew up in the same neighborhood. This conversation was great! We took a deep dive on how to do journalism the right way and spent a big portion of the episode talking about Kathy's involvement in...